They say you should write about what you know. Well, I’ve been a woman my entire life and a pothead for half of it, so I figure I know enough about these things to write about them. Plus, I figured it was high time I procured myself some Internet real estate.

My vision for this blog is simple: to show the world that a marijuana-infused lifestyle is a wholly acceptable way of life and to chronicle my journey as I make my way in the cannabis space. I aim to entertain, educate and enchant you, all the while dispelling the myth of what a pothead is. As you can tell by my picture above, I look nothing like Seth Rogen. 

We see more and more women empowering themselves to use their voices, so I am using mine to throw down with the cannabis crowd. I speak with firsthand knowledge about the benefits of medicinal and recreational marijuana. You see, I was diagnosed with a crazy, rare brain infection in 2000 and went into remission in 2012, so I know what it is like to be both patient and partier. 

And blogging is just the beginning for me, as this puts in motion Phase I of my Master Plan to create a billion-dollar global marijuana empire. That’s right, I said it: a billion-dollar global marijuana empire. Hit me up if you think we should work together, I have all kinds of ideas: for edibles, for tv shows, for merchandise. Not to mention a few other things up my sleeve that I am keeping under wraps for now. It’s like what Resident Internet Badass Cindy Gallop says, “Social sharing can make shit happen for women.” So, here I am.  Sharing.

You see, inspiration found me on one particularly stony evening as I lay in my hammock, lost in thought. It dawned on me that women have had no real pop culture pot icons. I mean when I was growing up, the boys had Cheech & Chong and Bill & Ted and Harold & Kumar and Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson, and yet girls had no one to identify with. Not really. Not until recently.

And while there are more female-centric weed shows on TV than ever, like “Disjointed” on Netflix and the just ended “Broad City” on Comedy Central (RIP to the Matron of all marijuana shows, “Weeds”), let’s face it, it will take some time before Abbi & Ilana really sink into the mainstream zeitgeist. And that show specifically highlights the trials and tribulations of young stoner chicks who need to get their lives together. The belief is that smoking weed is a phase one goes through as opposed to believing it is an open and honest lifestyle choice.

Women are more than their stereotypes, in the cannabis culture and beyond.  And women smoke weed. Some are working mothers or independent career women who sometimes just swap out the chardonnay for the chronic.

Think about it, ever since the beginning of the whole counter culture and all that “Reefer Madness” nonsense, there has been a serious lack in positive female role models in the cannabis space. I am here to change that, by thought and word and deed. There will be deep-dives, hot takes, listicles, photo essays, random poetry and whatever else crosses my mind. And I plan on championing and amplifying those women around me who are doing the same and advocating for social and racial equity in the cannabis space. 

So, welcome to my world, coming straight to you from the intersection of (not just white) Women and Weed.